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Massachusetts pays respect to those lost in workplace accidents

Recently, members from all walks of the Massachusetts workforce, including lawmakers and safety officials, gathered to pay their respects to those who have died on the job. In the past year, 60 workers have died as a result of workplace accidents. The Workers Memorial Day event is held every year to remember those who have died and to draw attention to the necessity of increasing workplace safety for all.

Workplace accidents claim too many Massachusetts lives

Two electrical power line workers were killed after falling from the basket of their boom vehicle. The Massachusetts men have now become two more victims of workplace accidents. The company and OSHA are investigating how this tragic accident may have happened.

Job site accident causes non-fatal injuries for 2 men

A Massachusetts job site accident can be frightening and overwhelming, especially when workers suffer injuries. At the Allcoat factory in Wilmington, a flash fire recently inflicted non-fatal injuries on two workers. It was originally reported that there was an explosion at the manufacturing plant, but it was determined that the job site accident was a sudden fire.

Workplace accidents lead to over 700 deaths in 5 years

If a job entails public safety or the operating heavy equipment, it might seem obvious that it could be a dangerous workplace. On the other hand, some professions that may seem innocuous have little known yet very serious risks. Social workers and those working in the medical field are particularly susceptible to dangerous working conditions. Massachusetts workers certainly face their fair share of dangers while working, with over 700 on-the-job deaths from workplace accidents occurring in the past five years.

Workplace accidents impact Massachusetts businesses

When people are faced with tough jobs at their companies on a daily basis, they may be more focused on losing their minds than on losing their limbs. Nevertheless, being critically injured on the job is a reality, and it can occur unexpectedly in Massachusetts. More small business owners are beginning to focus on workplace safety in order to avoid workplace accidents, which can affect a company's bottom line in addition to affecting the health and finances of the workers who are injured.

Workplace accidents a constant risk in some professions

In the Massachusetts workforce, there are some professions that carry a higher risk factor for serious injury. Some types of work are simply more inherently dangerous than others, and the men and women who perform these jobs understand the need to remain constantly vigilant about safety and standards. However, even with the highest level of caution in place, workplace accidents still occur, as evidenced by the recent injury of a railroad worker at Deerfield Railroad Yard.

Workplace accidents dangerous to Massachusetts workers

While most companies try to ensure the safety of their workers, unfortunately workplace accidents still occur. Massachusetts workers who have been injured can probably relate to a recent accident that injured one man. At times, workers' compensation will cover workplace accidents. Other times, a worker may have to explore other avenues in order to recover accident-related expenses.

Massachusetts bakery fined by OSHA: workers' compensation?

Workers in Massachusetts can face injuries in their workplace on a daily basis. There are numerous factors that can come into play when workers are in fact injured. Some may be hurt as a result of personal error and not following proper protocols to avoid injury. Other cases are not caused by employees failing to follow rules and regulations, however. Many employer do not enforce proper precautions to keep their employees free of injury; and for one bakery in Massachusetts, they are paying the price -- leaving a family the opportunity to file a claim for workers' compensation.

Workplace accidents can impact Massachusetts workers

Workplace accidents can change the lives of many in an instant. When a death occurs, friends, family and the community can mourn the loss of a loved one. Workplace accidents often draw attention in different media outlets. Massachusetts residents may have heard of a recent accident that claimed the life of one man.

Workers' compensation benefits costly to Massachusetts companies

A work accident can be not only traumatic, but deadly. They can also cost employers large payout amounts in workers' compensation benefits. Recently an article has been released drawing attention to the Massachusetts work related accidents and illnesses over the past year. This has shown the public the number of workers' compensation cases and the need to help prevent work related accidents.

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