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Brain injury treatment may include hyperbaric oxygen chamber use

Although Brain Injury Awareness Month will soon be over with the arrival of April, the effects of brain damage can live on for a long time in Massachusetts patients. One incident -- such as a vehicle crash or being struck in the head by an object -- can cause a brain injury that affects a person's world, either temporarily or for life, depending on the severity of the situation. Not only is the victim affected, but his or her family also must endure the painful ordeal as well.

Certain health conditions may be caused by a brain injury

Doctors and researchers have recently connected traumatic brain injury, such as those commonly suffered during car accidents, and the risk for seizures. While the clinical study was done with mice, there is strong evidence that epilepsy can come after a serious brain injury or head trauma. The study focused on damaged brain cells and neurotransmitter levels.

Brain injury sustained in a hit-and-run car accident

A 17-year-old boy has recently been charged because of a car accident that resulted in a significant brain injury for a woman. The report states that the young driver left the scene of the accident after he hit a pedestrian. The victim sustained a brain injury and other various injuries.

Massachusetts study reveals seriousness of brain injury

Massachusetts residents may already be following the stories regarding the relationship between football injuries and the increased risk of brain injuries. However, a recent article has pointed out how hockey players who sustained a brain injury can also suffer lifetime effects. This is yet another eye-opening example for parents and athletes.

Rest time for a brain injury can be critical for full recovery

Receiving a brain injury can be devastating not only for the victim but for their family as well. Whether it is from a car accident, work injury or neglect on an in individual's part, a brain injury can drastically change a person's life. Massachusetts residents may be interested in a recent study that explains how long it truly takes to recover from a brain injury.

Massachusetts residents could learn from brain injury patient

Media outlets have been flooded with stories about sports brain injuries lately. However, a different type of case is now making waves after a girl suffered a critical brain injury following what should have been a routine surgical procedure. Massachusetts residents who are planning to have a surgery soon may take a special interest in this and other brain jury cases.

A brain injury could impact a Massachusetts athlete's life

Athletes are probably aware of the risks involved anytime they step foot on the court or field. However, they may not be aware of the significant risk of suffering a brain injury. This has been a widely covered topic of conversation lately as more and more athletes are starting to experience the long-term repercussions of such injuries. Massachusetts residents may take a special interest in a recent article from a physician's point of view who is also a parent.

Traumatic brain injury cuts Massachusetts athlete's career short

Sadly, a traumatic brain injury can happen suddenly and be life changing. There have been several such injuries in the news and other media outlets lately which have caused conversations as well as controversy. One recent story involving a Massachusetts college athlete that has suffered more than one traumatic brain injury has certainly drawn attention to the topic and may make others think twice about their involvement in sports.

New brain injury information could help Massachusetts residents

Massachusetts residents may be aware that a brain injury can occur from many different types of accidents. What they may not realize is that the effects of a brain injury can last a lot longer than medical professionals originally thought. A recent article gave details of an in depth study and the problems that can last for years after the initial injury. This could be useful information to those that are experiencing those side effects, especially those that have been injured as the result of another person's negligence.

Traumatic brain injury may impact Massachusetts athletes

A traumatic brain injury can occur in several ways. Unfortunately, a traumatic brain injury can often result in a person needing long term rehabilitation or there may not be a potential for them to recover. Residents may be interested in a recent article that stated 4,400 head injuries occurred during school sports in Massachusetts alone. This could be eye opening for residents and certainly for parents.

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