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Rest time for a brain injury can be critical for full recovery

Receiving a brain injury can be devastating not only for the victim but for their family as well. Whether it is from a car accident, work injury or neglect on an in individual's part, a brain injury can drastically change a person's life. Massachusetts residents may be interested in a recent study that explains how long it truly takes to recover from a brain injury.

The study focused mainly on children athletes that had received a concussion from some type of sports activity. The children were broken into groups after the injury and were asked to participate in different levels of activity from mild to moderate. The test was to help determine if resting the brain helps a person recover faster from an injury. There have been numerous opinions regarding the amount of rest a brain needs following an injury.

One reasons studies like this are so important is to help those that have sustained a brain injury determine how long they will need medical care. For example, when a person is injured in a car accident and needs long-term care before returning to work, when a civil suit is involved, this person may ask for monetary compensation to help cover those expenses as well as lost wages. The more data and information available, the more medical professionals understand about recovery time and what needs to be done.

Massachusetts residents that have sustained a brain injury will obviously need to be under the care of a medical professional. Individuals that are not able to care for themselves may be lucky enough to have loved ones act on their behalf. Receiving the necessary medical care following a brain injury can be imperative to returning a person to their previous lifestyle.

Source: GlobalPost, Brain rest after concussion linked to quicker recovery, Kathryn Doyle, Jan. 14, 2014

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