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Massachusetts residents could learn from brain injury patient

Media outlets have been flooded with stories about sports brain injuries lately. However, a different type of case is now making waves after a girl suffered a critical brain injury following what should have been a routine surgical procedure. Massachusetts residents who are planning to have a surgery soon may take a special interest in this and other brain jury cases.

The young girl was scheduled for a routine tonsillectomy. She is now considered brain-dead by the hospital that is caring for her. Even though the hospital wants to take the girl off of life support, her family continues to fight in court for the right to maintain her current care in the hopes she will recover. Sadly, this is not the first case of its type. There have been many instances in which a patient suffers a brain injury during a routine surgery.

This case involves complex questions surrounding what went wrong during surgery to cause the girl's brain injury. It also has many individuals questioning how much attention patients are receiving and how quickly some hospitals seem to write off patients that could possibly recover. Indeed, there have been past cases in which a hospital wrote someone off as "brain-dead" where the patient later recovered because his or her family members fought to continue life support.

Just as these loved ones have continued to fight for their family members, Massachusetts residents facing this challenge may wish to do the same. They may also wish to seek to hold medical staff accountable for any errors that led to the brain injury and/or death of their relative. While no amount of financial compensation will ever serve to heal a permanent brain injury or bring back a deceased child or parent, the process of successfully completing a medical malpractice claim can provide a sense of closure to families as they struggle to come to terms with such a devastating loss.

Source: thespectrum.com, Don't give up, throw away life, Michelle Malkin, Jan. 7, 2014

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