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A brain injury could impact a Massachusetts athlete's life

Athletes are probably aware of the risks involved anytime they step foot on the court or field. However, they may not be aware of the significant risk of suffering a brain injury. This has been a widely covered topic of conversation lately as more and more athletes are starting to experience the long-term repercussions of such injuries. Massachusetts residents may take a special interest in a recent article from a physician's point of view who is also a parent.

The physician discussed attending his son's Tae Kwon Do tournament where one of the young boys received a kick to the head. Although he did not lose consciousness, he had still suffered a concussion. The doctor stated that another parent may not have known anything was wrong with the boy, but as a trained physician, he recognized the signs. He also pointed out that, by the guidelines, the boy was still eligible to compete in the next round, which could have been detrimental to his health.

Stories such as this are becoming more common as medical science evolves and doctors are learning more about brain injuries. Not only does science show they are more common than once thought, but they also have more long-term effects than originally thought. This has also posed the question of who is responsible for protecting the athletes. When leagues are aware of these medical changes, they could be legally responsible to make sure rules are in place to protect the players. If they fail to do so, they could potentially be held responsible.

Massachusetts residents who have received a brain injury like the one described, which may have changed their lives, may wish to look into the applicable state laws to determine if a civil suit is appropriate. When negligence is proved, monetary compensation may be awarded. When a person receives compensation, they may be able to receive better long-term medical care and pay for other accident-related expenses.

Source: Boston.com, Column: Sports Concussions - What every parent should know, Matt Rocheleau, Dec. 23, 2013

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