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June 2012 Archives

Massachusetts construction accident: worker falls to death

Construction accidents can result in permanent injury or even death, especially for those whose jobs occur in dangerous workplaces. One tragic example of this comes from Massachusetts, where an electrician is now dead following a construction accident in a dangerous workplace. The 63-year-old electrician was in the process of repairing a traffic light when a tractor trailer allegedly struck his bucket truck, sending him plunging to the ground.

Pittsfield boy attacked by pit bulls, neighbor's negligence?

A mother helplessly watched in horror as her 9-year-old son was allegedly mauled by two of her neighbor's pit bulls. The attack occurred on Monday of last week at approximately 9:30 p.m. in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, near the backdoor entrance to their apartment common area. There were three pit bulls involved, and the 29-year-old mother claims that all three attacked her son; however, Pittsfield police say only two of the pit bulls actually attacked. Regardless of the exact number, the alleged negligence of these pit bull owners has apparently caused serious physical and emotional suffering to this child.

Fatal motorcycle accident caused by car in Springfield

Two motorcycles and a car were involved in a collision that took place recently. The motorcycle accident is still under current investigation, and no detailed information is available as of yet. As is all too familiar with Massachusetts collisions involving motorcycles, the car driver has no reported injuries, while the motorcyclist who was hit was killed.

Boston College graduate student killed by MBTA bus

There is only so much space on city streets in Massachusetts. The combination of motor vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians all trying to make their way in the bustle of city life is sometimes a recipe for disaster. There is perhaps nothing much more frightening than the realization for a pedestrian, bicyclist or even motorcyclist that they are about to collide with something as massive as a truck or bus. And yet that may be exactly what one Boston College graduate student experienced just before her life was snuffed out by an MBTA bus in a Boston bicycle accident recently.

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