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May 2012 Archives

Massachusetts bicycle accident leaves teen in critical condition

An 18-year-old Hadley teen was traveling east on Main Street in Northampton, Massachusetts, when he was thrown from his bicycle, landing on the road after being struck by a car. The car was driven by a 43-year-old man from Northampton and was said to have been attempting to make a left turn from Main onto Pleasant Street when the bicycle accident occurred. At the time of the collision, the teen on the bicycle was reportedly not wearing a helmet.

Massachusetts worker injured after hitting electrical line

Specific industries have a higher accident risk rate, such as the construction industry. However, this is by far not the only industry that reports workplace accidents. An accident on the job site occurs when we least expect it and can occur for a variety of reasons laying out a number of scenarios, including falling from a ladder or faulty equipment causing harm. Most workplace accident victims have rights under Massachusetts law to file for personal injury or Workers' Compensation depending on the particular scenario that played out. This may be the case for one construction worker.

Charges issued in fatal Massachusetts motorcycle accident

As a previous post regarding a fatal motorcycle accident detailed, a 24-year-old Pittsfield man about to graduate from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst was tragically killed on April 14. A chemical engineering major, he was supposed to receive his degree in approximately two weeks when his life was cut out from under him by an allegedly drunk, wrong-way driver. The motorcyclist suffered catastrophic injuries resulting in death at the scene of the accident after a 24-year-old Sunderland woman struck him at about 2:20 a.m. near the campus. Police say she was headed in the wrong direction in the northbound lane of Route 116 when the tragic crash occurred.

Motorcycle accident prevention tips for motorcyclists and drivers

The dangers that a driver behind the wheel of a vehicle face and the dangers that a motorcyclist face differ greatly. Therefore, for sheer self-preservation, it is imperative that a motorcyclist help prevent themselves from becoming a victim in a motorcycle accident. While motorists do need to be aware of motorcyclists, it is the duty of all parties to pay attention and take reasonable care. With May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, one Chief of Police in Massachusetts shares some motorcycle accident prevention tips.

Electrical activity in injured brains

Massachusetts researchers at Boston Children's Hospital have released their results from a brain injury study. The researchers studied the electrical activity in the brains of children while sleeping and found that nighttime spikes in activity could possibly point to developmental defects, autism or even an underlying brain injury. While awake, the brain activity in children can show up as completely normal but increased spikes while sleeping, if left unexamined, can potentially cause future problems with development or issues with learning.

Do you wear a bike helmet?

In Massachusetts, there is a law that dictates riders 16 years of ages and younger must wear a helmet. However, there is no such law for adults. According to the most recent year with comprehensive data on bicycle accidents, there were about 51,000 bike-related injuries, including 630 deaths, in the United States in one year. Massachusetts is not immune to these statistics.

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