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Massachusetts man shares story of life-changing injuries

Now that summer is almost here, bikers will undoubtedly hit the open roads in high numbers. One Massachusetts man has recently talked about his desire to do the same. However, he will never be able to pursue that dream again. Two years ago, he suffered life-changing injuries after being a victim of a serious motorcycle accident.

The wreck occurred in late summer of 2012. The man, who is now 33, decided to go for a ride to attend a breakfast meeting with a friend on a Sunday morning. The rider is adamant that he obeyed all traffic laws and that the only thing he did differently was to deviate from his accustomed route.

Massachusetts pays respect to those lost in workplace accidents

Recently, members from all walks of the Massachusetts workforce, including lawmakers and safety officials, gathered to pay their respects to those who have died on the job. In the past year, 60 workers have died as a result of workplace accidents. The Workers Memorial Day event is held every year to remember those who have died and to draw attention to the necessity of increasing workplace safety for all.

One of the main reasons that workers die, according to several attendees, is because the fines that OSHA levies for violations are not steep enough to warrant changes in the way the workplace owners and managers maintain safety standards. Many of the people who were at the event stated that businesses often choose to risks fines rather than invest in the needed equipment or enforce protocols to guard workers' safety. According to some reports, the fines average less than $10,000, and many contend that those fines are not a harsh enough penalty to motivate changes for improved safety conditions.

Massachusetts man advocates training to avoid motorcycle accident

A man who is an experienced biker recently penned an opinion piece for a Massachusetts publication. He is suggesting that new riders receive safety training in order to hopefully avoid being involved in a motorcycle accident. He believes that any instruction could help new riders regardless of age and their machine of choice.

Currently, those seeking a beginner's permit for a motorcycle are only required to take a test on a computer. The writer has expressed concerns that many of the younger generation of bikers have not had enough exposure to two-wheeled vehicles to be able to handle the machines with confidence. He also included some of his own facts relating to the number of accidents where the rider was at fault.

Workplace accidents claim too many Massachusetts lives

Two electrical power line workers were killed after falling from the basket of their boom vehicle. The Massachusetts men have now become two more victims of workplace accidents. The company and OSHA are investigating how this tragic accident may have happened.

The men were engaged in maintaining electrical lines that were strung across a canal. They were up approximately 140 feet when their vehicle abruptly tilted back on its rear tires. The two workers are believed to have landed in a hole that was 30 feet below the ground surface. Emergency workers found the truck sitting up on its aft bumper and the men were declared deceased at the scene.

Massachusetts: New book exposes story of dangerous workplaces

A book has just recently been published that reveals a story that many people, even some residents of Massachusetts -- where this tragic event took place -- are not aware. Most people understand that there are dangerous workplaces and environments in most career categories. One tragedy involving the Deer Island Outfall Tunnel, cost two workers their lives.

The fact that men were killed did not seem to engender much publicity, which may have been one reason the book was written. The story revolves around the construction of an undersea tunnel in Boston that was designed to alleviate the problem of pollution. The tunnel was conceived, designed and built by men who seemed intent on transferring responsibility and the inherent risk to others.

Massachusetts man charged regarding fatal bicycle accident

Authorities have charged a man for not staying at an accident scene involving another man's death. The man who died was killed as a result of a bicycle accident. Now, many residents of Massachusetts are calling for changes to be made in the way these types of criminal charges are handled.

The man who has initially been charged with leaving the scene of the fatal wreck could still be facing other charges as a result of this accident, since the prosecutor is still reviewing the accident. He has denied being aware of the cyclist's presence near his vehicle. He was operating a refuse truck at the time. While the bicycle and truck apparently collided, the driver has claimed that he was unaware that anyone struck his vehicle. Rather, he claims that he just thought he struck a pothole in the roadway.

Massachusetts motorcycle accident leaves rider seriously hurt

Massachusetts authorities are still attempting to complete an investigation into the cause of a collision between a motor bike and a vehicle. The motorcycle accident occurred in mid-March and it has caused two people to suffer injuries. The rider of the motorcycle was the most severely wounded.

Authorities report that the accident occurred after a vehicle being driven by a woman in her 30s was attempting to negotiate a left-hand turn. According to published accounts of the accident, the car was pulled ahead of the motorcycle. The rider of the motor bike was not able to prevent colliding with the car.

Brain injury treatment may include hyperbaric oxygen chamber use

Although Brain Injury Awareness Month will soon be over with the arrival of April, the effects of brain damage can live on for a long time in Massachusetts patients. One incident -- such as a vehicle crash or being struck in the head by an object -- can cause a brain injury that affects a person's world, either temporarily or for life, depending on the severity of the situation. Not only is the victim affected, but his or her family also must endure the painful ordeal as well.

Some patients believe they are able to heal their injured brains using hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments. With these treatments, patients are introduced to environments featuring 100 percent oxygen at more than two atmospheres of pressure. Proponents of these chamber medical treatments say that they not only help with traumatic brain injuries but also with other physical ailments, such as Parkinson's disease and even autism.

Job site accident causes non-fatal injuries for 2 men

A Massachusetts job site accident can be frightening and overwhelming, especially when workers suffer injuries. At the Allcoat factory in Wilmington, a flash fire recently inflicted non-fatal injuries on two workers. It was originally reported that there was an explosion at the manufacturing plant, but it was determined that the job site accident was a sudden fire.

One of the men was taken to receive medical treatment after the fire. It is not apparent if the other victim sustained injuries that required medical treatment. The Massachusetts firefighters who responded to the call stated that there did not seem to be any damage to the building. However, the fire incident is still under investigation. At this time, it is assumed by the Allcoat leadership that the flash fire was accidental.

Certain health conditions may be caused by a brain injury

Doctors and researchers have recently connected traumatic brain injury, such as those commonly suffered during car accidents, and the risk for seizures. While the clinical study was done with mice, there is strong evidence that epilepsy can come after a serious brain injury or head trauma. The study focused on damaged brain cells and neurotransmitter levels.

When a Massachusetts driver is injured in a car accident and suffers damage to the brain, it can cause cell death in the brain. The cell death then leads to the build-up of dangerous levels of certain chemicals. Doctors believe that this causes an onset of epilepsy. It is possible that, by saving these cells, doctors can eventually help with some of the damages sustained in serious car accidents. They believe that, as they begin to understand traumatic injuries to the brain more, it may be possible to save victims from the risk of horrible side effects, such as epilepsy.

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